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Carol Ailles

Carol Ailles

Vancouver, BC


Hope you enjoy these images. If you don't see what you want - please contact me. I have additional images that are not posted here. I will be adding scenes from other countries like India, Australia, France, Colombia, and Borneo.



US DC Thomas Jefferson

US DC Washington Memorial

US DC Downtown Washington DC

US DC White House

US DC Arlington

US New York Central Park

US New York The Cloisters in Manhattan

US California Carmel

US New York Brooklyn

US New York Brooklyn Bridge

US New York Manhattan

US Wisconsin House on the Rock In Wisconsin

US New York Queens

US Chicago Lincoln Park Zoo

US California Monterey

US Chicago The Park

US California San Diego

Classic Cars

US Florida Key West

US Florida Miami Calle Ocho

US California Los Angeles

US California Santa Barbara

US Florida Key West Ocean View

US Florida Key West Cemetery

US California Mount Lasson

US California Carmel Monastery

US California Mount Shasta

US Florida Hollywood Ancient Spanish Monastery

US Miami Beach Art Deco

US Florida Keys Biscayne National Park

US Florida Everglades Animals

US Florida Everglades Cyress Bowl

US California Big Sur

US Seattle Zoo

US California Yosemite

US California Alcatraz

Egypt Luxor

Egypt Valley of The Kings

Egypt Nubians

Egypt Pyramids of Giza

Egypt Kom Ombo Temple

Egypt Siwa

Egypt The Great Western Desert

Egypt Alexandria

Egypt Sinai Peninsula

Egypt Cairo

Egypt Philae

Egypt Mud Brick Village

Egypt el farafar oasis

White Desert

Egypt Dakhla

Egypt Karnack Temple

Egypt Edfu


Netherlands Amsterdam

France Giverney

France Paris

England Brighton

England London

England City of York

England Manchester

Wales Caerphilly Castle

Wales Cardiff

Wales St Fagans

Thailand Pai

Thailand Chiang Mai

Thailand Ko Krett Potters Village Bangkok

Thailand Ko Rok

Thailand Lopburi

Thailand Chanthaburi

Thailand Ko Phi Phi

Thailand Bangkok

Thailand Petchaburi




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